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HCG drops day 3

Slept in a little, breakfast was 1 sunny side up egg on 40 cal. piece of toast

12 noon : Lunch will be spicy 5 oz white chicken on lettuce cups, yummy!!!!!; 1 cup mixed grilled broccoli with 1 green apple

3pm Snack 1 green apple

Dinner 3 egg omelet with 1 cup broccoli/tomatos; 1 cup fruit for dessert

*Throughout day 100 oz of water& started putting benefiber in water in the morning, need it LOL



Down 1.8 lbs Day 3 HCG drops

yesterday 168.6 lbs

Today 166.8, down 1.8 lbs

Breakfast was 1 hard boiled egg, 40 calorie piece o’ toast (picture above)

snack 10:45am 1 green apple

12 noon Lunch will probably be 5 oz chicken, 1 cup broccoli, hot sauce/buffalo flavor on 1 cup lettuce

5pm Dinner 1 cup non fat cottage cheese, 1 cup mixed grilled veggies, 1 cup fruit

My goal for today was 166 lbs, hit 166.8

Tomorrow my goal is 165 lbs

hcg diet drops

168 lbs.  this morning as I last ate a tuna fish sandwich last night as I kind of did a semi-reloading.  Tomorrow morning should start going down in lbs.

My ‘menu’ for today that I have lined up already:

8:45am (done) Breakfast 1 hard boiled egg and because I’m having coffee with milk, I’m skipping the 40 cal. toast

12 noon : Lunch will be 1 soup I have left ‘kimchi’ and 1 cup of brocolli

3pm Snack 1 apple (instead of having the apple at lunch, I’m having it at snack)

6pm dinner (editing my dinner) : 3 egg omelet, 1 cup broccoli/tomatos, 1 cup cherries

Goal weight 135 lbs, would be super happy seeing 139-140; 33 lbs to my goal of 135 lbs.; goal date by end of August

Consider this a new start to HCG drops – goal date made

Really just haven’t consistently followed protocol, my bad, my fault.

Tomorrow morning I’m starting treadmill, just regular walking, I need to build some muscle, just huge muscle loss from my back surgeries.  Considering 1-3 lbs loss daily, I should hit my weight loss goal of 135 lbs on/by August 30th, 2011.

My next goal is 159 lbs and should reach that approx. 8/6

Next goal 150 8/15

Next goal 145 8/20

Next goal 140 8/25

Last goal 135 8/30

I’d be happy with 140, but would love to see 130’s.


HCG ultra diet drops

forget what day I’m on unless I go look at the calendar lol

I’ve been unmotivated to write a blog

I’ll post when I hit my first goal of 10 lbs down and maybe get remotivated to blog

HCG drops day 5

I didn’t drop weight, had a soda probably why.

Back on track today.

I made tuna for lunch and HATED it so bad I dumped it and had a cup of non fat cottage instead.

Downing water and find it’s so much better with ice, so super cold icy water 😀

Had sennacot or whatever it’s called because I think the weight loss didn’t show a loss due to (tmi) I’m backed up.

So the senna is working and making me feel better.

I feel thinner, it’s weird, I just don’t feel so bloated anymore so my jeans fit better.

165 lbs this morning

goal is 135

HCG drops day 4 – down 3.4 lbs overnight YES!


I’m down 3.4 lbs overnight.

168 lbs was my weight yesterday, today is 164.6

I’ll edit this later as the day goes.  I started taking a B12 extra vitamin last night.

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