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Cancer, other, HCG diet day 1 loading day 6/20/11

HCG diet (liquid drops that you place under the tongue) 25 drops morning, lunch, dinner 10 mins before you eat.  1st 2 days are loading days of normal & more fatty foods, then day 3 starts the low calorie diet days.  I’ve been on this diet before, in part, before going on a trip to Disney World where I put a stop to it just before and now ready to start over again.

Today is day 1 of the HCG diet (liquid drops version.)  Loading day 1 meaning eat normal, some higher fats etc. to prepare yourself when day 3 starts the low calorie days.

Start weight: 165 lbs, today

Goal weight: 135 lbs and would be very happy with hitting a max. down to 140 lbs

30 lbs to lose to 135 lbs.


In other unrelated news, the Casey Anthony trial is still going on that I’m following, with the defense now ticking the Judge off, again.

Also, unrelated, my dad had cancer last year (back of the tongue) just like actor Michael Douglas.  Ironically Mr. Douglas and my dad both had treatment for the same cancer, at the same hospital in NYC, same treatment schedule and same outcome that they both beat the cancer thank God.  Ironic because when I was in 3rd grade, we lived out in California for 2 years and the first year we rented Michael Douglas’s house, who was then married to his now ex wife.  So we’ve met Michael Douglas, during that year a few times.  I was only around 8 yrs old and Michael Douglas was coming out that year with the movie Romancing the Stone.  It was a great year, but anyways, it was just very odd/coincidence that my dad and he had cancer at the same time, but also the same exact cancer, and treated at the same exact hospital.

Currently, a few weeks ago my dad had a PET scan (6 month follow up) and the PET scan picked something up on it in the lymph node/lung area.  They performed after that a biopsy.  Thankfully it was a negative result, or so I thought.  From what my mom told me just last week, that it was negative, but it was negative on something that wasn’t what they’d hoped to test.  So really, it’s a negative but meaningless to what the doctors wanted to really test.  The doctors told my dad they want to do an exploratory surgery where they go in through his neck, down and to the lymph nodes.  They said it’s elective, but they want to do this because my dad’s lymph nodes are enlarged since the previous January PET scan.  Well, my dad hears the words ‘negative’ and ‘elective’ and so he said he’d ‘think about it.’

You can’t tell my dad elective, he’s a horrible patient in the sense that he hates going to the dentist/doctors unless he has to.  So to tell him elective really he’s hearing ‘well ok no need, thanks.’  So now it’s at least 2 weeks later, I just found all this out, and my dad still hasn’t agreed to get this exploratory surgery done.

Basically, my worst fear now is my dad refuses to get this done, or keeps putting this off, and let’s just say it’s lymphona or other cancer, it spreads, he then starts getting symptoms and then it’s too late.  Too late to fight it, too late to cure it.  I don’t want my dad to ever suffer a painful cancer/death, that’s as blunt as I can be in writing this.  I fear he will put this off and IF it’s cancer could be too late.

At least if he got the exploratory done, best case it’s nothing at all, but in how the doctors seem concerned, let’s say they do that and do find it’s for ie. lymphoma, then my dad can at least go through treatment or whatever needs to be done, and hopefully stand a fighting chance to beat cancer again.

I don’t know what’s going to happen now.  Part of me is diving into work (work from home) and keeping my mind very busy on that and my kids, or my thoughts carry away, giving me nightmares.  Of course I try and think positive, and I do as often as I can, but I’m only human, and a part of me knows the reality is, of what this may be and waiting another day and another day of him not getting this looked into makes me extremely worried for his health.  He’s 71 years old, he’s my all time hero.  He’s the dad who, with my mom, adopted me soon after I was born in Dallas, TX.  He’s the dad who, as a family, we’d go on skiing trips and when I was better at skiing would be waiting at the bottom of the slope for him, with me joking lying on the snow as if I was sleeping and waiting a long time for him to ski down.  He’s the dad who would do anything for his family.  He’s the dad who when I got good grades in school would take me to his favorite book stores to pick books out, and then get me my favorite gummy bears or Skittles, or whatever candy I craved at the moment.  He’s the dad who would read Goodnight Moon to me, or help me with math homework.  He’s the dad who graduated from University of Michigan, completely brilliant in the mind.  He’s the dad to this day retains so much information, I don’t even have an ounce of his awesomeness.

He’s the dad who would put my nightlight on so I wouldn’t have bad dreams, and as he walked out of my room would say, ‘See you later alligator’ as I replied back to him, ‘In a while crocodile.’  He’s the dad who I want around for many more years, and he’s the dad who doesn’t even realize truly how brilliant I think he is, because he’s so humble and doesn’t even realize he’s that awesome.  He’s the dad who, if I could, I would have taken his cancer treatments for him last year if I could I would, and if I could take this exploratory surgery for him now, I would do it in a second if I could do this for him.  Just hope daily that the phone rings and my mom calls and tells me my dad’s exploratory is scheduled, sooner than later.  I hope my dad doesn’t not get that done.  It may be ‘elective’ but I don’t think it’s an option at all.  xoxox


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