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Yesterday was the last loading day, I gained from chowing so much yesterday.

168 lbs

135 lbs – goal

33 lbs to my goal

Had the 25 drops, and in a few minutes having a 1/2 cup of Special K cereal.  After getting back from bringing the kids to

camp, I’ll start my water intake.  Then 25 drops at lunch and so forth.  I’ll edit this post as the day goes.

32 oz of water down so far.  On to my next big cup.

Had the lunch 25 drops, and now 10 minutes later going to have 5 oz chix with (no sugar) hot sauce mixed in a little in a pan to heat it.  Putting the chix in lettuce wraps.  Dessert 1 apple.


3:22pm just finished a total 64 oz of water so far today, holy cow.  I feel so full of water like a water balloon

1 more big cup to finish and done with water for the day thankfully.  Can’t drink water too late or I won’t get any sleep.

Talk about feeling hydrated LOL

Later will have 25 drops for dinner close to 6pm and then dinner prob mimic lunch because it was that good.

I don’t know if I’ll lose weight overnight, but I’m so looking forward to weighing tomorrow morning.

(For dinner I had same as lunch except instead of an apple, I had a cup of strawberries.)

I was pretty hungry, which I know will pass soon, but scarfed the lettuce wraps down like I was a vacuum lol

That was a great dinner.  Finishing my water and done for the day until tomorrow.  Hopefully even a tiny budge in weight

loss will be so cool!


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