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Determination is on my side today.

HCG diet drops, ‘loading day’ # 2.  Tomorrow starts ‘the diet’ so I’m bulking up in calories today.

Yesterday I weighed in at 167

Today 166.4

Goal is 135 lbs.

Had the morning drops-25 drops and about to eat a sammich (yes for the morning)

On my menu today: I have 2 asiago roast beef sandwiches, 2 large fuji apple chix salads,

2 mango smoothies, 1 large ice coffee, if I can fit it I’ll have a Nong Shim spicy noodle soup

later 😀

Yes, all for me lol


After the Casey Anthony verdict of ‘not guilty’ came down yesterday, and was completely stunned, I took

that anger/upset to put that energy into making me determined to finally lose these 30 lbs. not just for mental

health, but physically the chronic pain sucks, and I think the weight loss may help at least my lower back arthritis

I hope.

Here’s to hoping these 30 lbs are lost in 30 day or less, figuring on this diet you lose 1-3 lbs a day.  Crossing fingers.


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