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I have really no excuse, yesterday should have been HCG loading day # 2, but due to unforeseen events, I scrapped the day, ate junk food without the hcg drops.

So today is day 1 HCG drops loading day, just took the drops around 10 mins. ago

So today is filled of iced coffees, fats like cheeses, soups etc. ‘loading’ up, tomorrow Thurs. is loading day 2 and then Friday starts low

calories dieting.  Need to lose 25-30 lbs max and even some weight loss will make me feel better about myself both physically and mentally.

First goal is to hit 159 lbs, then maybe 155, then 149, 145, 140 and so forth.  I haven’t seen 150’s in a while so that’s my first goal.  I want to do smaller goals of going down 5 lbs each to hit a goal so I don’t discourage myself.

Not sure my weight today but was 165 Monday.


Today is Wednesday and hopefully a better day.  Unfortunately didn’t start out well at all.  My kids started camp today and my youngest spazzed out at camp.  He didn’t want to go back home, but yet he didn’t want to go in the fenced in playground area with his group.  In other words, he wanted to go in there, but was being shy.  He went from being so happy to go back to camp to (like a lightswitch) turning into a ‘different’ person.  He had a tough time transitioning from kindergarten to a town school for 1st grade, so this shouldn’t surprise me, but it did and was very frustrating.  It’s like I can’t leave when he’s not in the fenced area, and don’t want to leave when he’s unhappy, but yet no offense I’m not standing there waiting all day so after a while please choose to go in or just forget it and go home.  Finally he sat down and chilled out, and the counselors who I know from last summer were thankfully soooooo patient and cool about it and just said that they would call me if he needed to be picked up.

Hope I’m not jinxing myself, but so far no phone calls from the camp so I can only pray he adjusts.  I really thought a year later, after last summers issues that he’d be fine.  Last summer he got ‘kicked out’ of camp after I had a few calls and a few days of picking him up, they finally just couldn’t have him there.  Basically it was him hitting another kid.  He used to have issues with who goes in what order in a line for ie. or instead of using his words, lashed out that way.  He’s improved sooooo much through 1st grade, each year he improves, and I just pray he makes it through the summer camp weeks.  Last year he only finished around 2 weeks and was removed.  This year the camp total runs 10 weeks.  Can only hope.




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